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Introducing ‘TEEP’

From 1st January 2015, regulations are being altered to state that waste collection authorities must collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately.

What is TEEP?

TEEP stands for ‘Technically, Environmentally & Economically Practicable’ with reference to the separate collection of wastes destined for recovery operations.

What is the Necessity Test?

It is an examination of the quantity and quality of recycling. For each material being collected, waste producers have to ask themselves if separate collection is necessary to facilitate or improve recovery.

Does TEEP apply to me?

Yes, TEEP applies to all commercial businesses and municipal domestic waste.

What waste items does TEEP apply to?

Only paper, metal, plastic and glass have been explicitly named in the r-WFD (Waste Framework Directive) as requiring to be collected as separate fractions - if this is necessary to improve recycling quality and quantity.

How can Hunter Waste help?

We understand that big changes like these can have a huge effect on the costs of your waste management.

With our low prices we aim to ensure that we will keep costs as low as possible to make it easier and more effective for your business to manage with the new legislation in place.


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